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Bufin Soap Strip for Corporate Gifts

Are you searching for corporate gifts that may help you promote your business? Do you need gifts for your business associates or customers that can build brand recall? ….you are at the right place!!

The Magical Touch of Bufin Soap Strips

These business card sized soap strips with catchy covers can serve as a unique promotional gifting solution. Along with their smart utility they can promote your brand, your name and your logo just like a business card. Moreover, if people have it as a present it makes the business more memorable because of this small interesting product they’ve got in a nice package, along with great usage value.

Your Clientele Will Love Their Ubiquitous Companion

Remarkable and convenient soap strips for corporate gifts are handy and go anywhere with you. Carry it in your, purse, pocket, glove compartment or when you just want to wash your hands at the mall or movies. Ensure your hygiene wherever you are…

Best for camping stores, summer camps, schools, travel agencies, camping sites, car dealerships, hospitals, day care centres and more.

Order 100% Natural
Hand Care Solution

Features of Corporate Gifting Solution

  1. No wastage.
  2. Environmentally friendly as Bufin soap strips are disposable and biodegradable.
  3. Harmless to skin.
  4. Bufin soap strips are made from 100% pure coconut oil.
  5. Leaves your skin moisturized after hand wash.
  6. Convenient for both hand and face wash.
  7. Pleasant fragrance.

Multitude Fragrances for All Ocassions

Bufin soap strips are corporate gifts available in various fruity and flowery perfumed fragrances — Lavender, Cologne, Strawberry, Jasmine, Green Apple and Orange.

Order 100% Natural
Hand Care Solution

Printing and Packaging

To enhance the value of our product beyond being a soap, Bufin soap cover is printed with a design you order. You get custom logo, competitively priced promo item. They come in a pack of 10 paper soap leaves. The products are made from natural ingredients and have actually no expiry date.

So what are you waiting for choose designs for your corporate gifts from one of the various designs and order quickly. See how a small memento matches your business’ style as well as spreads hygiene with smile.


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