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Washing hands with soap and water is said to kill a number of germs. We all are well aware about the fact that thorough hand-washing can prevent diseases and germ transmission. However, at times you don’t have access to soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly. At such time Bufin hand sanitizers serve as a suitable alternative to hand washing. Using it helps you to battle germs, reduce the number of microbes on your skin wherever you go without the need of soap and water.

Hand sanitizer - 250x250
Hand sanitizer – 250×250

Antibacterial hand sanitizers are marketed to the public as an effective way to “wash one’s hands” when traditional soap and water are not available. Manufacturers of hand sanitizers claim that the sanitizers kill 99.9 percent of germs. Since you naturally use hand sanitizers to cleanse your hands, the assumption is that 99.9 percent of harmful germs are killed by the sanitizers.  Source: about

Arena of Bufin Products Usage

Due to the great efficiency of hand sanitizer in killing germs, more and more schools and hospitals are going for alcohol free hand care range.  And Bufin is one of the most trusted brands in hand wash range that is bought by the healthcare industry, schools, restaurants or any industry that needs to go alcohol free and maintain hygiene, Naturally!

Hand sanitizer in use | Image: coyotechronicle

All the products of Bufin are renowned for various features such as pleasant fragrance, 100% natural hygiene qualities and convenience of usage. Being high in quality and use, Bufin Soap Strips are also supplied to the Indian Railways.

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The Rising Utility of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can now be found in the entrances to nursing homes and hospitals and in many public washrooms. As we all know that day by day large number of diseases are getting transmitted primarily through touch. Diseases ranging from common cold to the dangerous Ebola can be prevented at the root level by effective hand washing and keeping proper hygiene.

Reduces the Possibility of Getting Sick

Hand sanitizers were developed for use after washing hands or for those times when soap and water are not available. They are gels that kill the germs present on the skin immediately and effectively. Thus it reduces your chances of falling sick.

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