Hand Care Amenities for Hotels and Spas


The hospitality industry today has to provide much more than pure luxury. They must offer a clean and hygienic environment for guests; need to maintain spic and span entrance doors to every room, keep clean every bathroom and of course the kitchen and restaurant. In washrooms they have to discard every piece of soap; even used for once, and provide a new one every day.  Here hand sanitizers can play a big role and help reduce wastage.

Hand Wash Hand Sanitizer

Bufin Hand Sanitizer for Effective Hygiene
Bufin Hand Sanitizer for Effective Hygiene

Bufin Hand Sanitizers can be great for any restaurant or hotels. They contain natural moisture & unresisting fresh fragrance.

The Liquid Hand Wash solutions generate rich lather and eliminates all types of germs and bacteria. They thus provides great hygiene in contrast to bar soap which is considered to be unhygienic and a source of bacteria.

These Hand Wash and Hand sanitizers are available at affordable prices from Dealers as well as wholesalers.

Impress Guests with Customized Solutions

If you are looking for custom themed promotional products, gifts or giveaways then Bufin Soap Strips can be something unique and innovative. Hotels provide disposable caps, toothbrushes, then why not disposable, eco-friendly paper soaps? Providing your guest with catchy cover soap strips at the entrance or in their rooms is very economic and will display your personalized hospitality too. These 10 Strip units in a cover prove enough for at least a day routine. Moreover, when guests use it outside your premises; it promotes your brand as well.

Confused…HOW? Our Bufin Strips covers can be printed with the logo of the hotel. This serves as a great advertisement surface whilst promoting hygiene.

Choose through a range of fragrances offered and order now!

Special Features of Bufin Products

  1. Products made from 100% pure coconut oil.
  2. 100% Safe for Skin
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Eco friendly, bio-degradable and Hygienic
  5. Competitive price
  6. Products are 100% vegetarian.
  7. Not tested on animals

D.R.Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, an India based leading manufacturer and exporter of Hand Sanitizer, Paper Soap Strips and Liquid Soap not only in India but also overseas. We cater to the need for bulk soap for hotels and hospitality businesses. With an experience of more than 40 years, we at Bufin are helping hotels, resorts and spas to promote their businesses and spread hygiene.

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