A Crucial Accessory for Every Traveller


Are you a travel savvy person? Or are you a die-heard adventurer? Is your profession mostly in line with travelling? Everything might be fun until it comes to pack your wet soap bars, leaky bottles of face-wash and shaving creams. They spoil everything, making a mess, isn’t it?

Bufin Hand Sanitizer for Effective Hygiene
Bufin Hand Sanitizer for Effective Hygiene

Hand Sanitizer – A Portable Solution

Bufin hand sanitizer is formulated in such a way so that they can be carried with you wherever you go, ensuring proper hygiene. No leaks, no bulky bottles. These hand sanitizers are a perfect accessory for your travel. They come in handy packs and after your use, you can simply put them in your pocket. The best handy hygiene! Isn’t it?

A Backpacker’s True Friend

Bufin Paper Soap Strips and hand sanitizers are perfect for anyone who wants to travel light and fly right – because they’re all suitable to slip into your carry-on luggage.

Get rid of bulky and leaking bottles of face wash. Forget packing slippery wet soap that turns to pulp. No more diversity of soaps – one for washing face and other for hand-wash.

Bufin hand sanitizer washes serve for multiple uses: hand hygiene, emergency soap for bath, shaving foam too! They are also compact, convenient and easy to use and give you plenty of room in your bag for other stuff.

You will fall in love with an invigorating blend of citrus fruits, flowers and delicate fragrances – Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal, Lemon and Cologne of paper strips. Choose the one you love and slip it into your hand-bag for everyday use.

A Smart Traveller’s Pick

Bufin strips and hand sanitizer can be a great bliss if you’re off on an adventure or travel. Slip this delicate, paper thin, soft, business card sized sheets into your camping gear or just grab a small bottle of sanitizer.

Another Bufin Pocket Solution

Soap Strips for Travellers | Image Credits:cutibubbli

Each packet of Paper Travel Soap contains 10 paper soap sheets. Simply add water, lather it up and your done. The alcohol-free hand sanitizer gently moisturises your skin too.

  • Made from 100% pure coconut oil.
  • All the products are 100% vegetarian.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Bio-degradable.


  1. Long-time lasting fragrance.
  2. Ensures 100% safe and effective handwash.
  3. Protecting your hands from a wide range of unseen germs.
  4. Enriched with moisture to gently clean and help protect delicate hands and face.
  5. Best price and high quality