100% Veg Liquid Soap Manufacturers India

100% Veg Liquid Soap Manufacturers India

As leading Liquid Soap Manufacturers, D.R.Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. has been catering to the needs of its clientele across many countries. The company is manufacturer and supplier of paper soaps, hand sanitizer and liquid soap products. Local and international clients are also offered private labeling services while soap wholesalers, dealers, traders and exporters can buy the products at wholesale prices.


100% Veg Liquid Soap Manufacturers India

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Liquid Soaps are quite essential items that helps clean and freshen ourselves. Liquid Soaps were produced as homemade products until the 20th century but due to shortage of fat and the development of chemistry, large companies started producing liquid soaps commercially.

Soaps are available in different categories such as Hand Soap, Skincare Soap, Antiseptic soap, Cool Soap and Liquid Soap. And Bufin Liquid Soaps are becoming popular with customers as there is a growing shift towards convenient dispensers provided by us as liquid soap manufacturers.


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Non Hazardous Liquid Soap Manufacturers From India

And now people have started realizing the benefits of buying from 100%veg liquid soap manufacturers as the demand for such soaps increase. People are becoming aware of chemical hazards and are environmentally conscious. They have started buying things made of natural ingredients. Therefore, as liquid soap manufacturers, we are using 100% vegetable oils in their process of making liquid soaps.

Liquid soap making is an inexpensive affair and any entrepreneur can attempt to take this up as a serious business. But as Liquid soap manufacturers in the industry since many years, D.R.Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. offers the reliability and quality of products, using 100% natural ingredients and vegetable oils. Even the preservatives used to slow down the decomposition are natural ingredients. The antioxidants in them will prevent the decomposition.

Nowadays consumers read the ingredients used, to select their choice of product. This is because they want to be safe from allergies, skin rashes, skin cancers and other skin problems. For 100% veg liquid soap, we use a variety of natural ingredients such as Olive Oil, palm oil, coconut oil… While using Coconut oil, to balance the hardness, we can also use hydrogenated canola oil to add softness. And our Liquid soaps are generally mild and safe to use for children.

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