No-Nonsense Tips – Why Everyday Must Be Hand Washing Day


Global Handwashing Day 2019 is on 15th October. A day that reminds people from across the globe, the importance of hand hygiene. This day, also attempts to educate people from all strata of life, the importance of everyday as hand wash day, the importance of washing hands with soap at different times of the day.


Hey sis, do you have that chocolate paper soap?


Why Wait For Global Handwashing Day


Okay, let’s accept the fact that hand hygiene, in-spite of all its importance, is one of the most ignored health parameters in the world. And we don’t say that…


Eighty percent of common infections are spread by hands. – Hand Hygiene – says Health Canada


This is arguably one of the biggest challenges for medical centers as well as people in general.


Clean hands for healthy families


Good daily hand washing habits are important to keep you and your family safe


Keeping a baby healthy and happy requires safe environment and safe hands of parents or caregivers. And maintaining good hand-hygiene habits will keep your environment, baby-ready. Try Bufin – The trusted germs fighter on the go since 1972.


Everyday must be hand wash day in schools


One of the most susceptible sections of the population, prone to diseases from un-hygienic conditions, are children. While it is expected of adults to make hand washing a near-automatic action, the same cannot be expected from children. Hence, to make it an integral part of their daily routine, especially when they are outside the home, it is important to keep educating them to inculcate this habit. Isn’t it?


Bufin pocket solution for daily hand wash habit


Simple, eco-friendly and easy to carry, the Bufin Paper Soap pack is your child’s perfect companion for daily hand wash when outside the home.

Now let’s take a look at another use case scenario where Bufin’s hand soap options can help you, your family, and your guests keep harmful germs away.


Daily hand wash at work is easier with Bufin’s pocket solutions


Why Not Make Hand Washing A Daily Habit


At Bufin, we are on a mission to spread awareness about the importance of daily washing hands with soap. And there couldn’t be anything of more importance for your family, who’re surrounded by so many harmful bacterial invasions in the environment. A simple example would be – taking precautions to remove fecal matter from hands after using the toilet or cleaning a child. Or like washing hands before every meal and after the meal.


So in the coming Global Handwashing Day (GHD), we wish to communicate to all our readers, to spread this post with friends and family, to help motivate and mobilize them to improve their hand hygiene.


Did you wash your hands?


Because 50% Viral Cases are said to be caused by microorganisms going into the body through dirty hands. So keep your hands clean. And if this sounds fairly common sense, you’ll be surprised to know how many people – DO NOT – wash their hands properly!

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