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Premium Family Pack

5 perfumes x 10 each = 50 pcs | Rs. 400/-

Pack of 50 Bufin catch covers, i.e. 5 perfumes x 10 each. Get perfumed Bufin paper soap strips now available online.


Family Pack Soap Strips

6 perfumes x 10 each = 60 pcs | Rs. 400/-

Pack of 60 Bufin soap strip booklets, i.e. 6 perfumes x 10 each. Get perfumed Bufin paper soap strips now available online.

Anytime Hand Wash

Easy & Fast Delivery

Buy Bufin Paper Soap Strips online for hand wash and personal hygiene. Buy best price offer for natural paper soap strips for your home, office and outdoor use. Each box contains set of 10 different flavors from Bufin.com

India's leading soap strip brand

Best Natural Paper Soap Online

Organic soap · Rich lather · Biodegradable

Carry your own pocket paper soaps for a quick hand wash anytime. It’s 100 percent natural, vegan and biodegradable. It’s a handy, easy to carry, ideal pocket accessory to have with you anywhere you go.

High Quality Paper Soap Online

Perfect for hand wash, also for face and body

Easy to carry, simply put it in your bag, purse or wallet and pick one to wash your hands any time, anywhere… Keep your hands always enchantingly fragrant. Each Bufin paper soap strip gives a complete hand or face wash, the soap strip gives abundant lather…


Q: Is it a paper soap or a bar soap?

A: It is a paper soap.Handmade natural soap coated on sheets of Handmade paper.

Q: How many soap strips inside the cover

A: Each packet has 20 sheets of Paper soaps(5cmX5cm size).This combo has 5 such packets in 5 different fragrances.So a total of 100 sheets/pulls for 100 usages.

Q: Can we use it for face?

A: Yes.Its is ideal for handwash. Pls skin test to chk for skin sensitivity before applying on face. Avoid eyes.

Hand Wash Hygiene Pack

Home · Office · Outdoors

  • Pack of: 50 pieces
  • Perfumes: Cologne, Green Apple, Lime, Strawberry, Lavendar
  • For men, women and children
  • Handwash and body soap for all skin types

School time or travel time! You don’t need to use a shared soap in a public washroom. Carry your pocket Paper soap for use anytime! anywhere. Hygienic, Handmade, biodegradable. Veg Oil based natural soap coated on handmade paper sheets. Coconut Oil moisturizes & cleanses your skin deeply. Set of 50 packs in this combo offer, in five wonderful fragrances, 10 paper soap strips in each catch cover pack.

More Details

  • Generic Name – Soaps
  • Country of Origin – India