Economical Promotional Products And Giveaways

Preparing the media kit
Preparing the media kit - Add customized Catch Covers (Photo credit: Irina Souiki)

Are promotional products sought after by almost every corporate to say thank you to their clients and consumers once in a while? Introducing Paper Soap Strips and Catch Covers from D.R.Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., economical promotional products and giveaways from manufacturers and exporters of Bufin Paper Soaps.

Economical Promotional Products And Giveaways From India

Soap Catch Covers act as most economical promotional products and giveaways to increase brand image and brand recall. It touches the basic need of every recipient while leaving behind a long lasting impression associated with personal hygiene.

Internationally Acclaimed Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Giveaways

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English: Wikimania 2007 Preparation Day: The preparation of giveaways for conference participants. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pens, coasters, key rings and the like are some of the most commonly seen promotional products giveaways. And people are are accustomed to receiving such promotional products giveaways, many might be hardly giving them a second thought. Moreover, being very commonplace, they might not reflect any thoughtfulness on the part of the giver (company).

Promotional Products Giveaways To Make Theme Feel Cared For

Promotional products and giveaways should make your clients and consumers feel appreciated and cared for. The value increases further when you present an eco-friendly item. Soap Catch Covers as promotional products and giveaways show concern for not only the individual but for the world at large. Thinking out of the box can leave a long lasting impression too.

Paper Soap Catch Covers – Perfect Promotional Products And Giveaways
Contents of my purse
Contents of my purse - with Paper Soap Strips (Photo credit: Dvortygirl)

Paper soap catch covers are one such example. Numerous clients can make use of it in different ways. The quantity gifted may be decided based on the value of the business deal. Although this is used and thrown anyway; it does say a lot about the company. It shows that the promotional products and giveaways are meant to be of use to the client. It is not a mere showpiece that is being given without any thought.

Customized Packaging For Promotional Products And Giveaways

D.R.Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. can supply such promotional products giveaways in plenty of fragrances, herbal paper soaps, fruit fragrances, customized with special packaging. The packages are attractive, creative and easily customized as per client requirements.

The paper soaps can be customized with client’s company logo. This ensures brand recall every time a user pulls a sheet. These promotional products giveaways can be highly personalized in terms of color, fragrance and design too. And there can be special images or designs inserted into each paper soap. Or the soap itself can be manufactured to be shaped like the company logo.

Paper soap catch covers are ideal promotional products giveaways for various industries.  Some of these industries include hospitals, hotels or lodges, event organizers, travel and tours. Often companies organize large events where such promotional products and giveaways can be a part of a welcome kit. The kit may have other hygiene related personalized items like tissue paper.

Promotional Products Giveaways That Show You Care

Promotional products giveaways such as paper soap catch covers show that the organization cares about health and hygiene. Travel and tour organizers can give paper soap strips to the people before the journey begins. People will appreciate this non messy alternative to wash their hands on journey. The care shown by the travel company ensures future business.

And buying in bulk from D.R.Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., leading paper soap manufacturers inIndia, directly provides value for money. Direct orders also allow for customization thus making your gift unique.

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