Bufin No. 1 Paper Soap Strips

Paper Soaps

Bufin soap strip is handy soap on a thin paper strip, enchantingly fragrant. Each Bufin paper soap strip gives a complete hand or face wash, the soap strip gives abundant lather in hard, soft, warm or cold water leaving behind a lingering fragrance.

Bufin soap strips have these following additional features:

  1. The product comes in form of small thin paper strips making it very convenient to carry and use.
  2. The paper soap strips are economically priced, no wastage, hassle free – so just tear off a strip and wash!
  3. Bufin paper soap strips are ideal for everyone and for any occasion.
  4. Each paper soap strip is easily disposable – so no worry of re-packing or storing!
  5. They are very gentle on the skin – absolutely harmless!
  6. Totally hygienic paper soap strips – as it is laboratory tested.

Bufin paper soap strips are manufactured in various fragrances such as Rose, Sandal, Jasmine, Blue Lilly and Green Orchid. They also come in the range of herbal soap strips like saffron, neem, sandal wood, tulsi & turmeric. Another range of Fruit Soap Strips come in various fragrances such as chocolate, pineapple, orange, grapes & peach.

Paper soaps are used while traveling, on picnics, offices, industries, hospitals, school/colleges and at home.

Paper Soaps ~ Feature Comparison Table
Paper Soap Fragrances Normal Soap Cake Liquid Soap
Bufin Paper Soap Cake Soap Liquid Soap
Easy to carry – can fit in your pocket Or purse Bulky and heavy Liquid needs more care
Compact size Regular size approx 100 mm x 70 mm (bulky) Size depends on liquid container
Hygienic to store and use. Continuous use in different Occasions can cause contamination Long term storage can contaminate liquid soap.
Easy and clean to use After use causes dirt residue remains sticky and soggy Liquid soap is prone to leakages and can create mess.
Economically priced Comparatively more expensive Comparatively expensive and cannot be afforded by all