BUFIN Soap Strips Catch Covers 50 Units

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BUFIN Soap Strips Catch Covers offers you export quality packaging with fine fragrances for your daily out of home use. Our Paper Soap is made from 100% pure coconut oil.  It is sulphate and paraben free. BUFIN Soap Strips are pocket friendly and safe for children too. The product is free from any harmful chemicals hence safe for environment.

Let’s make This Diwali Hygienic and prosperous with Bufin Products. Gift your loved ones the complete protection from Bufin.

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BUFIN Soap Strips Catch Covers 50 Units 50 Catch Cover equally divided of all Fragrance i.e. (Cologne, Green Apple, Lime, Strawberry, and Lavender) Each Catch Cover Containing 10 Soap Strips. Hence It’s Sufficient For 500 Hand Washes. (50 Catch Covers * 10 Soap Strips)