Previous Age Hygiene vs Current Age Hygiene

Previous Age Hygiene vs Current Age Hygiene

Sanitizers have become a prominent part of everyone’s life, especially because of the pandemic. From kids to adults, sanitizer is the need for the hour in this era. Sanitizer is still quite a newer invention in relation to soap. Sanitizers were invented in 1966 by an American nurse name Lupe Hernandez. Soap has been for around thousands of years and is something with which we interact on day to day basis. 

But what was used before that? How did people maintain hygiene before that? Let’s dwell on the history of what was used before soap and sanitizers came into existence. 

Hygiene is a series of practices performed to preserve health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.” The term “Hygiene” was derived from the Greek goddess of health “Hygieia”. Around 1550 BC, The Ancient Israelites took a keen interest in hygiene. Moses gave the Israelites detailed laws governing personal cleanliness. He also related cleanliness to health and religious purification. 

Previous Age Hygiene vs Current Age Hygiene.

Before the invention of soap, human beings would use only water and occasionally they used sand or mud to exfoliate. During that era, if you were of a certain financial status you had the luxury of using scented water or oils to cover up the smells. In the late 19th century soaps were usually made from animal fats and ashes and were too harsh for bodies. 

The hygiene of that era was very inferior to what it is now. If the COVID-19 was spread during that time it would have been much more dangerous than it was now. A lot of people would have lost their lives as they did not have proper disinfectants to take care of themselves. 

In this era, we have the luxury of sanitizers and soap. We had a great advantage of sanitizers in keeping the COVID cases down. We even have different types of soaps like paper soap, liquid soap etc. 

Previous Age Hygiene vs Current Age Hygiene.

Benefits of sanitizers: 

  • Sanitizers require less time than washing hands with soap or liquid soap.
  • Sanitizers act quickly to kill microorganisms in the hands.
  • Sanitizers are easy to carry and are much more accessible than sinks.
  • They help in reducing bacterial counts on the hands
  • Sanitizers are less irritating to the skin than soap and water
  • Some sanitizers can even improve the condition of the skin
  • When appropriately used sanitizers can kill up to 99% of germs.

Sanitization is essential, the positive aspect of nowadays is that we are being sanitized before entering every place like stores, offices, schools, colleges, malls etc. The world has witnessed the new normal, with sanitizers in its pocket, a compulsory mask on and keeping a social distance so that we don’t contract or pass on the germs to other people and the only way we can restrict them is by sanitizing our hands on a timely basis. 

Hygiene has become the most important part of our life because, as we are evolving and learning we are coming to know how important it is to keep our bodies clean and germ-free. It keeps us safe from diseases and is significant in order to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. In order to live long and keep us and everybody around us safe sanitization is crucial. 

We have the convenience of using the best hygiene solutions to take care of ourselves so please take advantage of the current hygiene products. Stay Safe! Stay Sanitized!

Previous Age Hygiene vs Current Age Hygiene.

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