6 Tips for Good Hand Hygiene in Offices Post-pandemic

Proper hand hygiene is the simplest and least expensive means of reducing the prevalence of germs and viruses. Hand washing with soap and water throughout the day has provenly reduced the risk of contracting or spreading viruses like COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the provision of safe water, sanitation and hygienic conditions are important to protect human health during all infectious pandemics.

Despite the global shift towards remote working, many employees are making a return to the office. While the readiness to return to the office varies from country to country, one thing is sure: Despite offices restricting the number of employees in an office at any one time, germs and illnesses can still quickly spread. 

The responsibility for clean hands lies with the individual, but satisfying washroom and hygiene provisions and educating people about effective hand hygiene can play an important part in encouraging positive hand hygiene behaviour. As the employees return to the office, they expect the space to be germ-free. They also expect the office to be well-equipped with hand hygiene resources accompanied by the office being cleaned once a day.

Hand hygiene tips for the workplace

Hand hygiene coupled with wearing-mask and following social distancing norms is the most important advice issued by WHO during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the day in an office setting, hands that touch contaminated surfaces can transmit germs to other surfaces or directly to coworkers. Here are Six tips to prevent the spread of germs in the office.

Ensure employees practice good hand hygiene.

Employees collect more than a paycheck. Every time they touch their keyboard, coffee stations, desk, doorknobs, keyboard, they pick up germs. Washing hands with soap or rubbing with 70% alcohol-based sanitizer regularly helps subdue and remove potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Proper hand hygiene is the most important thing you can do for an employee’s health and the health of your Business.

Introduce simple hand hygiene initiatives

Simple reminders near sinks and basins spread awareness and encourage employees to wash, dry and sanitize their hands. In addition, limiting the use of smartphones out of the washroom can make a significant difference. Taking the cellphone in the toilet will invariably end up with germs on it.

People who pick up their phones right after washing their hands are undoing the good work and putting themselves and their coworkers in unnecessary danger.

Enable the following tips to ensure that employees wash their hands, as required.

  • Provide convenient, properly maintained, clean hand washing sinks with fresh, running water, soap/ liquid hand wash, and paper towels or other approved means for drying.
  • Post signage that notifies employees of hand washing.
  • Monitor employees to ensure proper hand washing and good hand hygiene protocol during the work shift.
  • Promote proper and frequent hand hygiene among your staff, your guests, and clients, cleaning workers with the necessary resources to wash, dry and sanitize their hands.
  • Place hand sanitizing systems in high movement areas such as main entrance, event registers) to serve as an ‘its hand-hygiene time’ for staff and guests to wash and sanitize their hands.
Invest in quality washroom solutions

When you repeatedly wash your hands and wipe your skin, you remove all of its natural lipids (oils), causing it to become dry. With the increase in hand washing and sanitizing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, how do you care for employees’ dry and brittle hands? The solution is to use handy resources such as Bufin Paper Soap Strips made with 100% Pure Coconut Oil which is Animal Fat Free, Sulphate and Paraben Free. It is also free from any harmful chemicals and is easily biodegradable. Each soap strip suffices with one hand wash. It is designed to benefit your skin, acts as a barrier and prevents skin-dying nature.

Consider installing automatic no-touch soap dispensers and sanitizer stations, too, which help to promote hand hygiene by reducing the need for contact and consequently, the scope of germs and viruses.

Provide your employees and customers with hand hygiene signage and hand sanitizer.

To mitigate the spread, hand sanitizers should be easily available around the entire office. It’s important to place sanitizer stations in and around potentially risky areas such as washrooms, entrances and exits, desks, kitchens and other high traffic areas. Not only will this help to stop the spread of germs, but it will also help to enhance the image of your business.

Customers regard hand hygiene signage and sanitizing systems as proof that the business cares about their guests’ health and overall cleanliness.

Hand washing with soap and water and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds is recommended, but a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is the best alternative.

Install antibacterial hygienic door handles

Despite following all the hand hygiene measures, it doesn’t take long for infected surfaces to come into contact with clean hands. Antibacterial hygienic door handles can prevent cross-contamination by acting as a barrier between clean hands and germy door handles. Install Hygienic door handle solutions that enhance hand hygiene between users. 

Ensure communal areas are cleaned regularly

Employers should prioritize regular and deep cleaning of high-touch traffic surfaces such as reception, canteens, kitchens, and entrances at least once a day. Having sprays and wipes handy can stop cross-contamination, giving most-used items like coffee stations, light switches, stair rails and workstations up to 24-hour protection.

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