Liquid Hand Wash VS Paper Soap Strips- What is Better?  

Liquid hand wash VS Paper Soap Strips- What is better? 

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Good hand-hygiene habits are crucial to staying fit and fine, especially in the surrounding of deadly pathogens. 

When choosing the type of soap for your daily cleaning, you want to make sure you’re selecting the most effective option. 

Both liquid soap and paper soap strips are effective against germs but both of them bear a unique difference. 

And when it comes to a better option, which one should you choose? Paper soap strips or Liquid hand wash? 

Here’s what you should know about everything about liquid hand wash and soap strips for handwashing, and decide for yourself.  

Handwash liquid soap:  

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There are pros and cons of liquid soap

  • Tidy place 

It tends to keep the area near the sink tidier. Placing the soap dispensers around makes for easy and convenient use.  

  • Moisturizing benefit 

Some liquid soap has the added benefit of moisturizers to prevent the drying of hands. 

The disadvantages of liquid soap include: 

The disadvantages of Liquid soap go hand in hand with its advantages.    

  • No cost-effectiveness:  

Because of additional packaging materials like a bottle, pump dispenser, or spray, the liquid soap tends to become costly.  

  • No environment-friendly 

Liquid soap is usually stored in plastic containers and dispensing devices. Both of these add majorly to the landfills and contribute to a bigger carbon footprint. 

  • Limited options 

With a limited choice of liquid soaps, it is difficult to find the right kind of soap that is all one- eco-friendly, safe on the hands, and has multiple fragrance options. 

  • Exorbitant cost 

Liquid soap contains extra chemicals which are energy-intensive. It also makes the soap costly. Moreover, it requires more energy to produce than paper soap packaging.  

Paper Soap strips:

Paper soap strips are a blessing for everyone whether a traveller or a school-goer. Each strip offers an untouched experience to assure you of good health. It produces sufficient lather, leaving behind a lingering fragrance. 

  • Pocket-solution 

Soap dispensers are placed in one place and can’t be carried everywhere. Whereas, soap strips slide into your tiny pocket without taking up much room. It also makes a sophisticated hand hygiene option to carry around.  

  • Moisturizing effect 

Bufin Soap strips offer the added benefit of added moisturizers as it is made from pure coconut oil which prevents hands from getting dry. 

  • Multisensory Experience  

Soap strips also have the multi-sensory advantage of calming fragrances and natural elements that protect your hands. Check out Bufin’s range of soap soothing fragrances- Jasmine, Green Orchid, Rose, Blue-Lily. 

  • Cost-effective 

If we compare the prices, Soap strips are more cost-effective than liquid soap. The reason is, that soap strips have a non-toxic formula made from natural ingredients like coconut oil. 

  • Chemical-free 

Paraben is a famous member of the personal hygiene and cosmetics family including liquid hand wash. Manufacturers prefer them because they restrict the bacteria from lasting longer. The side-effect of parabens is, that they may cause the skin to age faster. 

Bufin premium soap strips are a 100% Sulphate-free and paraben-free product, which is safe for your skin. 

  • Sustainability 

Soap strips make it a more sustainable option. Unlike plastic containers, they are packed in boxes made of thin cardboard, which uses less material than the thick plastic that liquid soap bottles are made of. And it is a known fact that plastic takes years to decompose in a landfill.  

On the other hand, cardboard packaging takes a few months to decompose. A 2009 study in Environmental Science & Technology determined almost 20 times more energy is required in product packaging for plastic soap bottles than in producing cardboard or paper packaging for soap.  

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  • Nature-friendly & Pocket-friendly 

Paper soap strips are a great choice for nature and you. As it helps to reduce landfill waste. It is the best opportunity for you to reduce the volume of waste generated.  

Other benefits of soap strips:

  • Unused soaps don’t get slimy or mushy, which means your soaps are safe, although they are left unused. 
  • They make for the perfect travel buddy as they’re small, durable and efficient. 

Final thoughts,  

In the wake of the pandemic, hand hygiene has been in the spotlight. Along with a need, it has become a habit. Choose the best for your hands, and nature. Choose Paper soap strips.  

Bufin has been a nationally recognized Soap Strips manufacturer since 1972. Our range of soap strips poses no threat to the environment and your skin. They are made from nature-friendly biodegradable ingredients. 

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