Paper Soap Strips: A Sustainable Solution

Knowing what goes on in your skin is important. Most of us ignore the ingredients and trust the soap brands with tempting advertisements.

In reality, soap bars can be dangerous. What has been a paragon of cleanliness and ritual for many years can be dangerous for your skin and your overall health in the long run. 

In this guide, we discuss the hazards that soap bars have for your health with an ultimate solution to them.

Let’s dive in.

Save the marine life

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Soap ends up in our lakes, rivers, and oceans when it is rinsed down the drain. These synthetic-based chemicals can cause mayhem in the water bodies. 

A detergent or surfactant lowers the surface tension of water, making it easier for small animals to move around on the water’s surface. When the surface tension of the water is reduced, the oxygen levels in the water are reduced, causing injury to fish and other marine life.

Consider its long-term impact on water bodies for years, decades, or even generations.

A chemical-free eco-friendly soap is an exclusive solution to save water bodies and marine life. 

Bufin soap strips booklets and Bufin premium soap strips catch covers are made from 100% coconut oil. It is a nature-friendly soap that affects no water bodies. 

Protect Your Skin

A chemical-based soap has high chances of containing skin-harming elements which may result in skin irritation, skin dryness, allergic reactions, and skin rashes. Formaldehyde is a common preservative found in many soaps. Although it is present in limited quantity, it poses a threat to your skin in the long run.

Bufin soap strips is a 100% natural product without any chemicals. Using it on a regular basis has no side effects on your skin. As a matter of fact, Bufin is a safe hygiene brand since 1972.

Bufin premium Soap Strips come in a range of natural fragrances- Lavender, Green Apple, Lime, and Cologne.

Buy yours here. 

End Animal Cruelty & Promote Veganism

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Many soap brands don’t want you to know, their behind the scenes in creating their product. They conduct harsh testing experiments on animals to develop a product that makes giant profits. 

On a positive note, many soap brands have taken a stand against animal cruelty, and produce personal care products without harming animals.

Bufin products are neither tested on animals nor contain any animal fat. It is a 100% vegan product.

Save Money

Unknowingly, you are spending your hard-earned money on designer or luxury personal care products that are full of chemicals.

A good quality, eco-friendly soap will cost you lesser than an expensive, poor-quality product. We suggest buying in bulk to save more money on nature-friendly products. 

Bufin paper soap strips is a multi-purpose hand hygiene solution that solves all your needs. 

Paraben-Free Skincare

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Parabens are a common preservative in cosmetic, personal hygiene products, food products and pharmaceuticals including soaps. Producers love them because they prevent the bacteria from lasting longer.

The dreaded use of paraben includes, the skin can get brittle, cracked, swollen, developing rashes with other problems. Parabens may also cause the skin to age faster.

An eco-friendly soap is paraben-free and will leave you worry-free of a potentially harmful effect on your or your loved one’s health. 

Bufin soap strips is a 100% paraben-free product, which is safe for your skin in the long run.


Along with parabens, many soap brands contain palm oil. It is one of the most commonly used and versatile edible oils in the world. Palm oil cultivation has historically caused and continues to cause deforestation.

It has a destroying effect on endangered species like elephants and tigers. These forest burns also cause air pollution and release high levels of Carbon Dioxide.

Instead, prefer soaps with ingredients such as plant-based or essential oils which are sustainably produced with environmentally responsible ingredients like coconut oils.

Bufin paper soap strips are made of 100% coconut oil that has no negative impact on nature. 

Final thoughts,

The market is flooded with personal care products. We barely go through the backstory of how our skincare products are made and what they include. Bufin is India’s favourite soap strips brand since 1972 that provides a unique line of sustainable, eco-friendly, paper-based soap solutions. 

Buy Bufin products now and march towards a healthy lifestyle.

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