3 Everyday Tips To Prevent Germs And Pathogens.

3 Everyday Tips To Prevent Germs And Pathogens.

Germs are present everywhere land, air, water, food, plants, animals, and any other surface, including our body. Day by day, everybody is taking more precautions to keep themselves safe, ever since the pandemic hit, hygiene has been at the utmost priority for everyone. 

Almost everything we saw like ads, tv shows, and PSAs, on social media was circled around how important hygiene is and how maintaining it will provide benefits to us in long term.

Tips To Prevent Germs And Pathogens

We are curbing the pandemic now mainly because of sanitizers. They have played a vital role in stopping the spread of COVID, no matter what place you go to you will be asked to sanitize yourself before entering to keep you and the people around you safe.

India is getting much more hygienic than before… everyone is walking around with masks, sanitizing everything before touching it, and even the streets are getting cleaner. 

In order to maintain this let’s go through the everyday tips that might help in the prevention of germs. 

1.Wash your Hands: 

This is probably the most common phrase used to keep the germs away but it is also the most effective solution. One should wash their hands for at least twenty seconds and if you are using a sanitizer make sure it has at least 60% alcohol. It’s always better to wash your hands or sanitize: 

  • Before and after eating 
  • After using bathroom 
  • Before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • After blowing your nose or sneezing 
  • When you touch something which was previously touched by a sick/infected person.
  • Before holding your baby 
  • Before and after changing wound dressing or bandages
  • When your hands look or feel dirty.
Tips To Prevent Germs And Pathogens

2. Avoid Touching your face:

Most germs are spread by touching the face. The germs and pathogens get into our body after touching anything and access our body through the mucous membrane of the face; eyes, nose, and mouth. Some germs or pathogens can stay on a surface for more than nine days. 

To avoid this, one should wash or sanitize their hands after touching anything that’s infected or seems infected. Avoid touching your face as much as you can, researchers have found that an average human touches their face at least 16 times in an hour.

Gloves can also prevent germs from getting into your body because people are less likely to touch their face if they are wearing gloves.

Tips To Prevent Germs And Pathogens

3.Clean and disinfect your surroundings: 

Every living thing has different kinds of germs and pathogens crawling around them, plants, animals human beings, etc. it’s always better to wash or sanitize your hands after you get into contact with them.

Even every surface you touch has germs roaming around it, which is the reason one should always keep their surroundings clean and sanitized.

Naphthalene balls are also great as they help prevent moths and fibre insects. Routine cleaning should be conducted, in order to remove dirt and germs in order to reduce the risk of infection. 

Tips To Prevent Germs And Pathogens

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