Everything you need to know about Soap Strips!​

Imagine carrying a heavy soap bar in your bag that gets soapy and ruins your kit. On the other side, imagine carrying a compact, ready-to-use and neat paper soap which you can use only when necessary. 

The strips cleanse easily and are best to carry. For a better experience, remove the Strip with a dry hand, mix with water & then rub your hands for a rich lather. 

Soap strips and hand sanitizer may seem interchangeable, but they are meant to use under different circumstances. While sanitizer is smart to have when you are on the go, healthcare professionals agree that nothing can beat a thorough hand wash with regular soap and water.

This blog dives deep into the features and uses of the strips which is an ideal replacement for bar soaps on the go.

About paper soap strip

Each strip is a single-use complete hand wash. It gives abundant lather in hard, soft, warm or cold water leaving behind a lingering fragrance. Bufin soap strips booklet is ideally used while travelling, in picnics, offices, industries, hospitals, schools/colleges and at home.


These handy strips are very easy to carry and store. Slide it into your pocket or in your purse, it won’t take much of your room.


Bufin’s paper soap strips are a smarter way towards hygiene. It is the best quality product that saves you from pesky germs and viruses without much of a hassle. Get this smarter and quicker way to hygiene now


The paper strips help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that is both safe for nature and you. At Bufin, we offer strips made with 100% coconut oil that are safe on the hands and kill 99.99% of germs. Cleanse and pamper yourself with our Zero-waste Bufin Paper soaps.

Hard on germs

These strips are a wholesome product. It moisturizes the skin and provides germ and virus protection. It is hard on germs and soft on your hands.

Pocket Hygiene Solution

It is an ideal hygiene solution that you slide into your pocket or your purse. It allows you to carry the power of hygiene in your pocket.

Where you can use Paper soap strips?

While travelling

The strips come in handy on the go. Like, sightseeing in buses or on a flight. This dry formula product is safer to carry than liquids on the board that can cause soap spills.


You can also find these strips in hotel rooms owing to their handy purposes. They make thoughtful and useful promotional gifts. Visit the Bufin store to get Premium protection germs now. 

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Research says an average desk has more germs than a toilet seat. Paper strips are an affordable means of reducing the prevalence of germs and viruses at workspaces. These strips and sanitizer make a great pair in the office to boost employee productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Its antibacterial quality and lather create less mess compared to a liquid-soap dispenser usage next to taps. 

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‘Clean’ is one of the most important qualities customers search for in any hotel. You can say, the way to a Customer’s heart is through cleanliness. 

The strips are a reasonable way to cut the cost of providing a piece of soap. If a hotel provides a unit per person, it is a great way of economizing. With disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers, combs, you offer a unit of nature-friendly paper soap strip.

Hoteliers say, We expect guests to either use or take consumable items — soap, shampoo, stationery, etc. You’re welcome. So use it as a promotional 

gift. Show your guests you care for them!

Where you can use Paper soap strips?


Made with 100% pure natural ingredients like pure coconut oil, the strips are suitable for sensitive hands. It also makes a great choice to carry in schools. It reduces the possibility of allergic development, germs transmission among carefree schoolgoers.

The colourful and good smell packaging makes the experience delightful and instils a handwashing habit for life among them. 

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Along with a sincere “Thank you for coming” your guests deserve a Gift, A Gift of Care. What is better than telling them you care for them with a Bufin Soap Strips Booklet?

Available in delightful and delectable packages, these gifts can be customized to match your style and shades of any ceremony. 

These will definitely make your event a memorable one.


Hospitals may look squeaky clean. But right from the desk, to the stethoscope, the hospital is a germ hotspot. Commonly used handles, seats are ideal reasons to use one-touch Bufin soap strips usage.


Sports clubs see visitors in huge numbers. Make them leave the club healthier than they come in. Provide them with tiny yet effective strips. 

Final words

Germs are everywhere! As you are reading this article on your gadget, it has millions of germs, and they are multiplying. Soap strips help you meet the effects of both sanitizer and soap bars. From convenient to nature-friendly, it ticks off all your needs and puts you inside the bubble of germ protection.

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