Importance of Hand Hygiene in Schools

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One of the ways for prevention of Coronavirus is simple and it’s right over-the-counter i.e. proper use of Hand Sanitiser, Soap Strips, and proper handwashing. These Hand hygiene solutions, besides proper wearing of face masks, not only stop the spread of the infection but also instill confidence in everyone.

As the schools reopen, Health and Hygiene are every parent’s first concern. Ensuring that the necessary hygiene measures are taken to protect their health and safety, is every Institution’s first responsibility.

As students have returned to a busy school environment, it is important to maintain good hygiene practices to minimize the spread of illness. Parents and students may be afraid to return to the school environment, as children are used to spending most of their time inside the home, in front of tablets and mobile screens.

Hence, when they return back to the new normal, the schools need to take special hygiene measures to create a safe and healthy environment and to provide the necessary protection.

School Hand Hygiene 

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School Hand Hygiene has many pros that can increase the school hygiene grades and its credit. Weeks of healthy hand hygiene habits can extend to life outside school and inevitably lead to major changes. From increasing productivity to improving student health and thus attendance: hand hygiene in schools is beneficial and important, especially in today’s climate. 

Improving Student Health and Welfare 

A survey by Local Circles (a community social media platform), says, around 76 % of parents in India are unwilling to send their children to school till Covid cases in their district drop to zero or the children are completely vaccinated.

In such a scenario, student and Staff health is important and should be the school’s primary concern. Better hand hygiene means better well-being, which ultimately leads to better grades, satisfaction, and involvement of students and staff. 

Proper hand hygiene is a simple step in helping them reach their full potential in their daily lives without suffering from health problems. 

Reduce Absenteeism at School

The most common reason for absenteeism is high infection rates of influenza, viral fever, and other harmful illnesses. Therefore, it is important to continue to prioritize hygiene to maintain the health of employees and students and protect them from other diseases post the pandemic. 

The higher the absentee rate, the higher the risk that children will miss school and education success. Therefore, good hygiene at the school must be of utmost importance as it helps to ensure the health and safety of students and staff at all times. 

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Win the Parents’ Trust

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A school means children are in close contact with others, and a child means a weak immune system. Children often forget to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing, which leads to transmitting the diseases, however negligible, in a short span of time.

Parents can have difficulty dealing with children returning to a busy school environment where bacterial epidemics can be a problem. However, good hand hygiene can be encouraging for parents to send their children to school. As the institution is doing everything in its power to protect the child and instill calmness and develop self-confidence among children to return to the new normal.

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Unsanitary Risk

Hand washing and disinfection are two of the most important and cost-effective ways to prevent illness in school facilities. However, hand washing is still not followed properly. Hand washing has improved since the pandemic, but it is important that we all practise it daily to avoid potential health risks. 

Educating the students about proper hand hygiene and teaching them the importance of hand hygiene is paramount.

Hand hygiene myths can trap children. Read our blog- Biggest Myths About Health and Hygiene to debunk the famous myths.

Increased risk of infection 

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According to an Iceland study, Children play a minor role in coronavirus transmission, but that doesn’t justify instantly reopening schools without first taking other measures to control community spread.

Deterioration of hand hygiene habits can increase the spread of illness inside and outside schools. Given the risk of coronavirus, poor hygiene is not an option and must be stopped to keep infection at bay.

Deterioration of mental health and productivity 

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Deterioration of hygiene is associated with poor mental health and well-being and is known to influence the productivity of both staff and students. The schools want to ensure that students continue to be engaged and mentored by the school and inspire their passion and enthusiasm for their studies and boost productivity.

Hands Up for Great Hand Hygiene in Schools

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